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Lets EXPLODE The Microwave!
Fancy cooking up a storm and making your dinner party go with a bang. A very BIG bang?. When you see the devastation he manages to create in his garage you can't help but be impressed.
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I'll tell you one thing for damn sure. I wouldn't mess with this dude's fingers. They look pretty ferocious, like they've been waxing old cars and painting some Mr. Miyagi's fences. He still can't break a wafer tho. LOL!
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In most sports, you can usually talk your way out of forgetting a play or strategy, but its a little tough to explain tha...
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It's a classic case of '4 wheels good, 2 wheels BAD!' - A MotoGP racers motorcycle stalls at the green light and two guys slam into him at high speeds.
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You might not be able to teach an old dog new tricks but this doesn't apply to cats. Kaiser is great with my rats, enjoys going on walks, playing in the bath tub and he thrives on doing tricks!
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So just what has this sweet looking old lady got hidden under her bed? Ah. Well, it looks like they’ve found something that can certainly bring her some joy, whether she’ll want to part with it is another matter.
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If your a parent and you get frustrated with your kids when they misbehave remember things could be worse.
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Well this is gratitude for you, after releasing this baby moose into the wild, it shows its appreciation to its captor by beating the crap out of him. Next time he should make sure he has a tazer to hand.
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Cats are cute and seeing as you're on the internet reading this you're probably a fan yourself. here's a video of one doing the cutest thing a cat can do: attemping to do something that humans do.
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BirGirPall is back with more hilarious glitches and peculiarities. This time he's playing Max Payne 3 and he's been spending a lot of time doing slow motion dives into walls, crates and enemies...
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Now here's a match that you would never consider to be made in heaven, more like planet 'WTF!?' They're probably not the most likely of friends, considering cats really hate water, but then love IS blind!
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