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Godlike LEGO
If you thought you were pretty good with LEGOs as a kid, you probably haven't seen this dude's creations. Not content with building something awesome, this guy builds something awesome but AS A POP-UP BOOK. Epic.
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Whoa, whoa, get out the way with that good innaomrtiof.
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Look at this goddamn baby eating this watermelon! I think I've just overdosed on cute, I'm gonna have to watch an animal getting mindlessly slaughtered just to get through the rest of the day now.
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It's kinda like thug life, but more likely to play catch with you in the back yard. Yes, this is what happens when dads turn their hand to the rap game. It's a lot less cringe worthy than you might think..
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We all like to start our day with a nice hot coffee, but this 29 seconds of video is an even better way to start the morning, because it turns something entirely mundane into something completely epic.
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If you are really lucky on safari then you might catch some lions chilling out in their natural habitat !
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This guy’s got some sweet skills, so good you’ll want to study the video in slow-motion just to see if he’s got a string attached to that ball he’s so miraculously twirling around his feet.
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This guy might look like your thumb with a face drawn on but he has a talent. He has the incredible ability to make me laugh my ass off. I can't figure out if he is having a seizure, stupid or simply a troll?
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You might have thought you'd seen a cool wheelie before. You haven't. This dude reset the bar for coolness when he pulled off this little beauty. Bench-pressing while busting out a wheelie. Legendary skills.
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Uh, dude, I don't think they're looking at your sweaty pits.. LOL
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At first glance it looks like this guy has just filled himself up with synthol to the point where he looks like a big wobbly waterbomb. on closer inspection though, it actually looks like muscle. Either way, dude is a freak.
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It takes every ounce of my restraint not to make a dirty joke about this cat's tongue problem. This cat is either seeing things that mere humans fail to perceive...or it's totally nuts - wtf!?!
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