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Bottomless Chinese Takeout
Three roommates empty a bag of Chinese food and, like when anyone orders from a Chinese, the food is never ending and the bag appears to be manufactured by the same people who made Mary Poppins'.
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How would your week be complete without checking out what stupidity has been going down on Vine, so stop what you're doing and check out this compilation, featuring dogs, people, lamas and Christmas trees.
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A bit of cold weather isnt going to stop these babes from a bit of outdoor fun. I bet their nipples are like bullets made of diamonds.
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It looks like his leg is about to explode, we suggest he goes to see a doctor or a psychotherapist (because, lets face it, this looks insane) straight away. This is totally freaky!
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This little kid tries to hang on the rim but ends up pulling the backboard off the garage and slamming it onto himself. It's a hard way to learn a lesson - LMAO!
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This is the first day of the rest of his life and by the look on his face he knows it. It's till death do you part now, and he must be banking on her dying pretty damn quick.
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This fancy wine lady is far too generous in her ratings. Except for Natty Light. Too hard on that timeless gem. Plus, she was giving the beers near the end a higher score because she was drunk.
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If you've never seen Kilian Martin you're in for a treat, even if you're not into skateboarding. He's brilliantly creative and extremely slick. Couple that with an awesome video editor and BOOM. Gold.
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If you're looking for a hilarious way to ruin your wedding day, choreographing a dance routine to a Justin Bieber song is a pretty effective way to do it. It's hilarious at first but it's still Bieber...
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Super chick FAIL!- This is what you think is funny if you go to a catholic high school.. - LOL
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If you want to see a creative cry like a bay then this is for you - If you're a graphic designer then don't watch this as you will probably cry. This video is called a prank but i'm not too sure exactly who it's pranking.
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